Central Ohio Regional Shared Services Steering Committee

To advise and coordinate regional shared services solutions among local governments and the education community that will leverage current and potential public capacities for the benefit of taxpayers.


  1. To provide a forum for local governments to communicate and explore ways increase services while reducing their costs.
  2. To consider support services that can be bundled or shared across multiple jurisdictions to reduce costs with no reduction in service levels to customers.
  3. To advise the Educational Services Center of Central Ohio regarding shared services that might be useful to local governments.
  4. To provide input and design to a Survey of Shared Services that the ESC of Central Ohio and MORPC will conduct to measure interest and possibilities.
  5. To help develop a listing of services that could be offered in a Catalogue of Shared Services.


  1. Open membership to local government officials (both elected and appointed), Non-Governmental Organizations, and citizens interested in deeper dialogue about how to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and cooperate to provide higher level services to diverse constituents.
  2. The committee will advise member entities and the Educational Service Center of Central Ohio on specific services, relationships, and service mechanisms for further research and development.






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